About this Blog

While sitting around having coffee with a friend of mine, Jim Headley, the subject of the Fort Ground Tavern's remodel came up. We talked about this establishment and how our lives had been touched by its history. One thing led to another and before long Jim was talking about the various bars that had been in Coeur d'Alene, and I began to write them down.

The rich memories that are dug up when we talk about these establishments always bring smiles and far off stares. We cannot for loose this bit of our past, so I have established this blog to try to document this information before it is lost for ever.

The posts are in no particular order. I will post new watering holes when I get pictures or historical information about the location. Photos have been taken off other web sites and reposted here. I have established a 20 mile radius of the Cd'A area and will post any drinking establishment that resides within that circle. If you feel any images here are published without permission or violate any copyright, please contact me and they will be promptly removed.

As you read through, or look at the photos, feel free to comment. If you have a digital photo and would like to share it, email it to canyonwren@roadrunner.com and I will post it and give you credit. Contact me if you have a bar photo, but don’t have a scanner and I will help you digitize it. Take a moment and write down a memory and together we can collect the History of the Bars of Coeur d'Alene. If the bar or tavern you frequented is not listed in the blog, visit my map of the Bars of Cd’A and see if it is posted there.

Other Important Information